Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in Business?

Sirius Diversions has been in business since 2010. However, I have several years of entertainment
and music experience. As a pre-teen child, I would make recordings on cassette tapes, narrating books and inventing stories. When I was 15, during the summer, I worked as an unpaid intern at a local radio station. When I was 16, I began playing drums, a hobby I continue to enjoy to this day. In the past, I have also played acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, and alto sax.

In my early 20’s, Steven, my best friend, and my roommate at the time, got me into the Mobile DJ business. Steven employed me first as a “roadie”, then after hours and hours of practice, as a DJ. After working part-time for Steven and other “multi-op” companies for about five years, I got married, and shortly thereafter, relocated to Georgia.

What began as a child’s hobby, and developed into a young man’s interest, has matured into a love of entertaining others. We help fun-loving people create special memories using great music. Our goal is providing the RIGHT entertainment for each event.

Will you provide me with a written contract?

Yes. When you choose Sirius Diversions as your entertainment provider, you will receive a written contract which will be signed by both parties.

When we meet to discuss and plan your event, we can sign a contract at that time to reserve your event. Alternatively, we can discuss your event, then sign a contract at a later date. A contract must be signed to reserve your date, and date reservation is based on a “first-signed, first-served” basis.

Do you have any Preferred Vendors?

All preferred vendors can be viewed on our Preferred Vendors page here. Please let me know if you are interested in having your business listed here as well.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Each venue and client contracted with Sirius Diversions is covered under our $1,000,000 commercial liability insurance policy. Also, we carry theft and damage coverage on our equipment, to help ensure a theft will not negatively affect your event.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use strictly professional-grade, high-end equipment. Our brands include Behringer, QSC, Numark and others. We do not use department store quality “HI-FI” home stereo components, as these components generally are not designed for mobile applications, and may not hold up or provide the level of quality audio your event deserves.

How many playing hours are included?

Generally, our pricing includes 4 hours for most events. Additional time may be available for a small additional amount. Of course, if another customer’s event is scheduled after yours, additional time may not be available for your event. Therefore, if you think you may want additional time, it is strongly suggested you book the extra time as early as possible. See the pricing page for details.

Do you require a deposit?

We do require a non-refundable retainer payment to retain the personnel and equipment for your date and time slot. The retainer amount is 50% of your total, and is due at the time the contract is signed. The balance is due on the event date prior to equipment set up, or two weeks before the date in the case of weddings.

Is set up time and travel included?

Generally, we do not charge extra for set up or travel within 50 miles of our office. Your quote is based on the start time and end time of your event. If you are having a “destination event” (such as a wedding in Savannah or PCB), we can discuss additional expenses (hotel, per diem/food, fuel, parking, etc).

How will you dress?

Appropriately for your event. Formal or casual, we believe your DJ and their equipment should not be an eyesore.

Are you the Emcee? Do you do the annoucements for the event?

Unless the client has a designated announcer/emcee, we will perform basic announcement services at no extra charge. Please provide the names and information on the event planner program. Also, please provide proper pronunciation for any unusual names.

However, keep in mind, I am the DJ, and if I am not behind the decks, music is not being played, and the next song is not getting cued up, etc. If you are seeking someone to be out front with the crowd, teaching line dances, leading special events (conga line, limbo contest, etc), and acting as a “motivator”, you would need another person. You can be that person, you can provide that person, or I can provide them for an additional fee.

Are you open to requests? from us? from the crowd?

We are open to requests from clients and their guests. We consult with the client about the type of music desired as well. The contract has a place to indicate what types of music you want/don’t want at your event. Your preferences would over-ride a guest request (i.e. you have specified “No Rap”, and a guest wants an unedited Eminem song – your guest would be told “no”, based on your wishes, as expressed in the contract).

How large is your music collection and is it varied?

Sirius Diversions has over ten thousand songs, from the 1940’s to new releases, in numerous genres, including instrumentals and jazz, mashups and remixes, Christian, rap, R&B, rock, blues, Latin, country, dance and many others. If there is a song that we don’t have, and you let us know when the contract is signed, there is no guarantee we can find it, but we will attempt to obtain it in time for your event.

Who will be the DJ at my event?

For most events, the owner, Andrew “DJ Drew”, will be the featured DJ. To provide a better customer experience for certain events, another member of our team may provide the services.

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes. Having quality equipment means a technical problem is very unlikely, and back-up gear means it won’t derail your event.

What about lighting?

Optional lighting can be subtle, such as a couple of mini-moons, and a mirror-ball. If you prefer a more exciting light show, we can provide an intelligent system that will motivate the crowd. Whatever your vision, we can provide the RIGHT lighting to enhance your event space.

Will your equipment distract from this event?

We pay attention to our presentation. Our sound system is streamlined and professional looking, accessories and cases lids are tucked away neatly whenever possible, and clothing is appropriate for your event. We make every effort to neatly wrap cables to stands, and hide unsightly wires. We think the attention should not be on “equipment”, but the audio should complement your event.
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.