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What Could go Wrong With a Amateur DJ in Georgia?

  • Cheap DJs might not legally purchase their music. This means that songs can be mislabeled in title, orPro DJ for a Partymislabeled as ‘clean’ versions when they are not. Illegal downloading makes it more likely they have a virus on their computer, which could shut things down at any moment.
  • Cheap DJs might be nervous on the microphone. If the DJ is uncomfortable, EVERYONE is uncomfortable.
  • Teenagers can be very picky with the music they request. Cheap DJs may not know how to handle that age group, or come across rude.
  • Cheap DJs might not keep their music updated to be able to play requested music, much less the clean versions.
  • Cheap DJs tend to have other full-time jobs. This divides their attention, preventing them from following up on, and keeping track of requested details for your event.
  • Cheap DJs might not know how important it is to keep their vehicles in good shape until they find themselves broken down on the way to a gig. I learned this lesson the hard way, and it was back when I was a cheap DJ.
  •  Cheap DJs might not have redundant equipment. If a mixer, computer, external hard drive, speaker, or amp blows, the party’s over.